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Feng shui tips for your lounge room.

Feng Shui Lounge Room

According to feng shui the lounge is the heart of the house. Therefore, you must give adequate importance to arrange it in such a way that it can trap all positive energies and bless your house with a relaxing environment. People usually relax in a lounge and spend time with their families. Hence, feng shui suggests ways in which positive energies when directed in the correct direction can relive tension and work pressure for people using the lounge. The lounge room is used to relax, interact, socialize, entertain guests and improve relationships. The lounge room should be in the southern part of the house or at least face the south. A west facing room is also considered good. It will help if the room comes with a pleasant view. If the lounge room has an unpleasant view or has harsh lines and angles, break the lines by using large plants. Read on to know more about the various ways via which feng shui can be used to make your lounge a better place to relax.
  • When you get your lounge constructed make sure that it is either square or rectangular in shape.
  • Furniture should be arranged in such a way that it should break opposing straight lines. This will facilitate the smooth flow of chi through the room.
  • Alcoves should be broken using large potted plants, large pieces of furniture or aquariums.
  • Flat ceilings help the smooth flow of chi. If the ceiling is slopping or has exposed beams; its negative effects can be countered using wind chimes and bamboo flutes.
  • If the lounge room is next to the dining room or the kitchen, it is best to place a barrier between the two rooms. Use a potted plant or a screen. If the lounge room has a door then keep the door closed.
  • Seating arrangements in the lounge room should be such that it should break the direct pathways.
  • Avoid placing a seat or a lounge chair directly towards a wall. Such an arrangement will break the arrows produced by Sha energy.
  • When you arrange the furniture in your lounge and decide about the seating arrangement make sure that the number of seats in the room is even. This facilitates better relationships.
  • The guests should use the most comfortable seats in the room and their backs should not face a door.
  • The room should be well lit, ventilated and inviting. Do not use too many pieces of furniture in the room. Remove pieces that you do not use.
  • If there is any area in the lounge room that has stagnant energy, place an aquarium or television to correct it. Placing flowers or potted plants in these areas can energize them as well.
  • Choose colors carefully for your lounge. Feng shui suggests pastel or soft colors for a lounge. Refrain from using harsh or loud colors as they spoil the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge and can create tiffs between family members.
  • Do not use yellow or red for your lounge. They are the worst colors you can choose!
  • Use a sweet smelling room freshener in your lounge. This gives a cool refreshing atmosphere to it and promotes energy to the room also.
  • You can use woody or fruity room fresheners if there are many plants in your lounge; this will gel with the existing environment and will increase the possibility of chi to be directed to the lounge.
Follow these steps and you can make your lounge an exquisite place to relax and de-stress!

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