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Follow the given feng shui tips to make your business and office prosperous.

Feng Shui For Business & Office

Feng shui is the famous Chinese system of aesthetics that uses the laws of heaven and earth to improve one's life by receiving positive energy from the universe. Feng shui is believed to change lives of people by guiding in positive energy or chi into their lives that brings along prosperity and good luck. There are a set of guidelines that are set up by feng shui that you can use in your favour to make arrangements at your home, office, or any other living space. All it takes to prosper using feng shui is to have belief and faith in the changes that you bring about in your space and have a positive outlook towards life. We are creatures of habit and these habits and our immediate surroundings reveal much about ourselves. Feng shui guidelines target and instruct us to make small changes in these habits and our immediate environment. If you are looking for feng shui tips for business and office spaces, scroll down and take a look at a few important guidelines.
  • The fax machine, telephone and computers should be given space near the wealth area or the future wealth area for a business to prosper.
  • The furniture in the office should be arranged in a manner that allows chi to flow smoothly all through the office.
  • In order to be the leader in your chosen field of business, place a dragon on the right hand side of your desk facing the window. The dragon can be placed directly opposite a water fountain for best results.
  • Make it a point to place the cash box in the wealth corner of your shop. You will also have to place Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon in the office.
  • Avoid decorating your surrounding with cactus or other sharp looking plants. Sharp objects are believed to cause "Sha Chi" or flow of negative energy into the office.
  • The main door of your office should not open into your table, as chi coming into the office will overwhelm you. This will create problems and obstacles and not good luck.
  • Make it a point to ensure that the manager's office or cabin does not have two doors. Having two doors will make chi entering from one door leave from the second door. 
  • You can also consider hanging a crystal at the entrance of your office. Crystals are believed to enhance the effectiveness of chi in the area.
  • Avoid placing an empty vase near the main door since it will suck chi as it enters your office space.
  • The signboard of the office should be placed in the wealth area of the office. This prevents any competitors from defeating you.
  • It is advisable for you to place a three legged toad god next to the main door. The toad god should be facing the inside of the office to guide in luck and prosperity. Leave a coin in the mouth of the toad god.
  • Place Fu Dogs, male and female, near the door of your office to protect the office from evil influences.
  • You can decorate your office space with the things you like. You can get things from your home or you can even get pictures of loved ones to place it on your desk. This will serve as a motivational force and will make you realize that you are working to meet the needs of someone.
  • Think and approach things with a positive attitude. It is only positive energy that will attract chi, another positive force. Moreover, a positive approach will also grant you energy to excel in your work.
  • Display all your achievements. You can add pictures of things you have always wanted to do like taking a trip abroad or learning a new language, etc. along with your achievements. Doing this shows how much you have already achieved in life and how much more you can achieve.
  • Keep your desk and your surrounding clean and clutter free. It is represents your state of mind. The more organized you are the better you will work.

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