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Find out how to use the principles of feng shui in your bedroom to increase the energy in the room.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng shui has laid down a number of steps to follow that will help you to place your furniture in your bedroom in such a way that chi can be trapped and used for bringing prosperity and maintaining cordial relationships. The bedroom is a room in which people relax. You have to decorate it keeping this in mind. While adults crave for deep relaxing sleep children need vitality and invigorating energy to keep them active. A bedroom facing the west will receive the relaxing rays of the setting sun making it better for adults. A bedroom facing the east will receive the motivating and bright rays of a rising sun making it suitable for kids. Similarly, more than two mirrors in the bedroom or vibrant colors are said to over-activate chi. A bedroom should be quiet, serene and peaceful and thus, dim lights and relaxing colors are advisable here. Read on to know more about what feng shui requires you to do with your bedroom.
  • A bed facing the window is said to attract bad 'Sha' energy and the glare of sun and a Bagwa mirror or wind chimes can help fend it off.
  • The bed facing the door is a strict no-no since it is said to be the 'death position' in which the deceased are carried out of the room.
  • Never place a mirror at the foot of the bed or facing a window in the bedroom. The ideal feng shui position for a bedroom is next to a living room or directly above the lounge room in a two-storey home.
  • The bedroom denotes serenity, auspiciousness, new opportunities and forthcoming growth. The main focus points in the bedroom for feng shui are the placement of doors, mirrors and beds. A bedroom door opening at a full right angle means that several opportunities have the room to come in. While the door that does not open completely restricts their entry. Place your favorite photo, quote, flower vase or statue as the greeter in the bedroom. This should be first thing that you see when entering your bedroom from the doorway.
  • An uncluttered and organized bedroom provides more serenity, efficiency and functionalism. It symbolizes progress. So, get rid of things that you do not use by organizing your drawers and closets.
  • Any obstruction as you enter the bedroom is unsafe and does not allow free flow of chi, so remove shoes, furniture and electrical wires that are in the way. This way no one will trip on them.
  • If your bedroom door and window are directly opposite each other, you need to hang a multifaceted crystal from the ceiling midway. This will help energy stay in the room for some time.
  • If there is a wall facing the door and distance between the wall and the door is less than your height, then hang a mirror on the wall.
  • The bed should not be in direct alignment with the door but should allow you to see, who is entering from the door, when you sit up on the bed. You can use a mirror for this purpose. Place the mirror behind the bed or to the side of the bed, but never at the foot of the bed.
  • Sleeping under exposed beams would mean oppression but if you cannot move the bed, place Chinese flutes on either side of the bed to counter the harsh energy.
  • Similarly, there should be no sharp corner with a tangent aiming at your head. This is known as the 'poison arrow'. Moving the bed or hiding the sharpness of the corner can cure it and keep you safe.
These are the tips you should keep in mind when you furnish your bedroom. Feng shui believes that the right things at the right place can determine if you will have cordial family relationships and good health. Follow them and you might just become the beneficiary.

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