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Information on what is feng shui, chi energy and yin yang chi.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient science, which developed over three thousand years ago in China. It is also considered an art that hosts knowledge on how to balance worldly energies. Feng shui is believed to help maintain good health and fair fortune for people inhabiting the world. "Feng" and "Shui" mean "wind" and "water" respectively, which are two fundamental forms of life energy. Feng shui studies life energy. Feng shui is also known as a part of ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics. It tries to understand the movement of energy in our environment and how the design of buildings and interiors affects us in a subtle manner. Feng shui uses positive chi to improve an individual's good luck and success. Feng shui is also the art of judging the quality of a person's life by observing and analyzing the environment in which he/she lives and works. It helps us tap chi in our environment and uses it to help us achieve particular goals in our day-to-day life.

Chi Energy
Chi is the energy that connects people with their environment. Chi is present everywhere, around the earth, in the atmosphere and is present in and around our body. This energy is constantly in a state of flux. As a result, we are constantly changing, though we are unaware of it. This change is essential for our mental, physical and spiritual health. When there is no change, there is stagnation. Chi can take the form of matter or energy or can be a combination of the two. Thus chi can be visible, partially visible, invisible or partially invisible. Chi is present in everything we do, see and in everything that surrounds us. Each of us has chi within us. This chi gives our body energy.

The chi within you has its own unique characteristics and moves in its own unique way. Chi energy is vital for maintaining physical, environmental and emotional balance. When chi in your body is blocked or there is an imbalance of energy, then you may fall sick, get depressed or experience physical discomfort. When the chi in your environment is out of balance, it will affect your life. This may cause disturbances in your relationships or difficulties in business or cause general ill luck. Chi is found in everything. There is a chi of time, of stars, of numbers, of colors, of seasons, of careers, of stillness, etc. Feng shui is a means to understand chi and its movements in your environment. Another name for lucky chi is Sheng Chi. When chi is balanced and flowing properly then it is called 'Sheng Chi'. It brings luck, happiness, new opportunities and all the good things in life. Unlucky chi is called 'Sha Chi'. This is unbalanced energy and will cause problems, ill health, and setbacks. Sha Chi may be obvious or something you cannot pin point. Living under the influence of Sha Chi can be damaging to your welfare.

Yin Yang Chi
The concept of Yin and Yang is integral to feng shui. Yin and Yang are considered to be the way of heaven and earth. The twin forces describe the two basic and interactive forces of nature. To maintain balance there should be harmony between these two forces. The concept of yin and yang explains the change in all things. One force cannot exist without the other. We cannot understand one without the other for example we cannot understand light without darkness or joy without sorrow. Each force acts on the other force to initiate movement. Nothing in this world is totally yin or totally yang. According to feng shui we need to balance the yin and yang in each room of our home. If a room is painted with dark colors, is cold and has very little sunlight in it, it is considered to be too yin or have stagnant chi. Spending too much time in a room like this can make a person ill and depressed. In contrast, if a room is painted with light colors, very bright and very warm, it is considered to have too much yang chi. Spending too much time in a room like this can make a person ill as a result of loss of energy.

Feng shui, along with Yoga and Reiki, is listed as one of the best remedies for life's problems. For those who practise it, feng shui can bring harmony, stability and prosperity in life.

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