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Read about selecting a business site based on the principles of feng shui.

Feng Shui Business Site

Feng shui has gained popularity in India recently. This ancient Chinese belief about placing the right things in the right direction in any building or structure enables its potential to maximize the positive energies surrounding it. Feng shui can have an effective influence on fame and reputation. It can also affect your social status, career and chosen path for life, such as spirituality or business; acquiring knowledge and new skills, using them profitably and fine tuning your abilities. Feng shui can be used even in your workplace and especially so in a business to increase the returns and help it to prosper at an increasing rate. It is not necessary to use the principles of feng shui only after you have built an office. It is important to use it from the starting, right from the time you choose a site for business. Here are few things that you should remember according to feng shui when buying a site for the purpose of business!
  • Take into consideration the landscape that surrounds your site. A site at the base of a hill with elevated land on the other side of it and open land in front of it is considered ideal and believed to bring good fortune.
  • A site on a slope is better than one at the very base of the hill. At the base of the hill the site will be exposed to the full force of an avalanche. Such sites are not auspicious and should be avoided for business purposes.
  • If the site is at the foot of a hill and facing another hill it is said to bring a lot of obstructions. Your business will then only face a number of obstructions and in due time may even reach stages of failure.
  • Remember that circular and horseshoe shaped sites are auspicious.
  • Do not start your business in a place which is open to all the forces of nature, like the top of a hill or on the beach. A business on a beach will make it vulnerable to the wind and the vast sea or ocean.
  • If the property is on the beach then it should be at the end of the bay or in a small cove and not directly facing the open ocean.
  • A property facing a small or medium sized lake can be a good investment. A property facing a meandering river is considered very auspicious. However, the property should not face a very fast flowing river.
  • Roads that surround your business site have the same effect as rivers. A site situated on a busy street with steady moving traffic can prove to be ideal.
  • A road with devices that control traffic flow like speed breakers, traffic lights, etc. regulates the flow of traffic. A business site situated in such an area is better than one situated on the highway or in an area where there is fast flowing traffic.
  • A road pointing towards your business site is considered inauspicious.
  • Look for hostile structures around the site. These may have a harmful influence on your business. Large monuments and sculptures around your business site can produce something that feng shui calls poison arrows. Church spires or crosses that point in the direction of your business can be harmful for the business.
  • Feng shui advices businessmen to locate their business in an area where the buildings have different heights since this produces the impression of a wave, representing water, which brings good luck.
  • If your business has a doorway facing east or southeast, place a metal wind chime to control poison arrows. If the poison arrow is coming from the north use an earth element to counter it. Installing a water feature at the front door can control a poison arrow from the south.
  • If you are occupying an existing building then find out about the previous occupant. Find out whether they did well in this space or whether they had to wind up their business. You can use this information to find out whether there is Sha Chi present in the building. It is important that you do not ignore such information.
Focus on these useful tips and you can increase the growth of your business and revenues too!

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