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Find out how to use the principles of feng shui while laying drives and pathways.

Feng Shui Drive

The pathway or drive leading up to your house is the most important part of the house. According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese belief about geography and right positioning of a structure, in order to get positive energies channelized in the right direction, the driveway to your house is the most important part of your house. This is because it leads to your house and hence you should protect this area from poison arrows. Also it is important that you do not consider it as a separate structure from your house and ignore it. The driveway can look like an insignificant part outside your house but it might have huge influences on the kind of energies that surround your house. Feng shui has laid down few guidelines on how your driveway should be and how you should maintain it so that the positive energies are allowed inside and negative ones are warded off. Read on further for some useful feng shui tips on your drive!
  • The pathway or drive should be neat and clean and should not have any obstacles. So do not place garbage cans, bicycles or rubbish on this path.
  • Direct paths are not good as this will allow chi to rush with full force towards the front door of your house. It is best if you have a gently curving pathway. If this is not possible then place-potted plants in circular pots on either side of the drive. This will slow down chi and will help it meander gently towards the front door.
  • Also meandering and curved drive ways look more attractive than straight ones.
  • When you choose plants for your driveway remember that the ones you place on either side of the drive should be healthy. Sick plants are said to adversely affect the health of the elderly in the house.
  • An odd number of pots are considered lucky. Keep your garden neat and tidy and make it attractive and pleasing to anyone who looks at it.
  • It is tiring work to keep your garden neat, mowed and maintained regularly, but if you do have a garden then you must arrange for it to be maintained regularly as unkempt ones generate negative effects on your house and the members residing in it.
  • If your house does not have a driveway and leads directly on to the street, then make sure you have a doorstep that is higher than the pavement. Keep your doorstep neat and clean at all times.
  • Ensure that your front door is in good shape too. Keep it well painted; see that there is no paint peeling on the door and that it is pleasing and inviting to all who enter your house.
  • Never keep slippers or shoes or any kind of footwear outside the main door, it wards off chi.
  • While paving the pathway try not to use straight lines. Using curved paving stones is the ideal thing to do. Even laying straight-edged stones in curved lines will break the edges and stimulate chi. Existing paved pathways can be corrected by placing plants to increase the flow of chi.
These are few tips that you should keep in mind to keep your drive clean and ideal. Follow them all for best results.

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