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Information on how to use principles of feng shui for your stairways and staircase.

Feng Shui Stairways

Feng shui has laid down rules for every part of your house. There are clear instructions according to feng shui on how you should place your furniture in the right place and how and where should each structure in the house be located. According to feng shui if such things are kept in mind it will help in channelizing the positive energies in the right direction. Also, it is important that each structure is kept in mind when you design your house according to the rules of feng shui. Like every other thing in your house the stairways in your house are important too. The position of the stairways and the type of stairways are also important according to feng shui. A stairway that is placed in the wrong place can deflect chi in the wrong direction. Read on for information on the best ways of merging stairways with feng shui!
  • If there is a stairway right opposite the front door, then on entering the house chi will rush through and move upstairs and the ground floor will be deprived of chi. Using mirrors, wind chimes, potted plants and screens on the stairs will slow down the rushing chi.
  • Make sure that your stairway has conventional steps. If your stairway has risers instead of steps, it will hinder the flow of chi to the second floor.
  • Placing plants underneath the stairs will ward off chi to the second floor allowing the energy to flow continuously. Apart from this, it will make your stairway look beautiful and green!
  • Placing a skylight above the stairs will also improve the situation. This is impressive and it will fill you with awe every time you walk underneath it.
  • Curved stairways are the best if you have a landing half way along the staircase. It will help to calm the chi as it rises and falls.
  • If your stairway has sharp bends use mirrors, plants or wind chimes to correct the situation. You can place a heavy statue on the floor at the base of the stairs to stabilize the situation.
  • Out of all the available stairway designs avoid spiral ones. A spiral stairway is not good as it confuses chi as it moves along the staircase.
  • Also avoid constructing too many stairways. They cause chi to fluctuate.
  • According to traditional feng shui, the number of stairs on a stairway should be an odd number.
  • Stairs should be solid and there should be no opening at the back of each stair as it allows chi to escape and it will not move to the second floor.
  • You should take initiatives to keep your stairs always clean. They should be well lit as well.
  • Chi gains speed as it moves over a staircase, thus it is advisable to sleep near the top or bottom of the staircase.
  • It is important to keep in mind that a bedroom should not face the staircase and should not be located too close to it.
  • Do not clutter the space under the staircases. Arrange things in an orderly fashion or install a cupboard so that you can keep things tidily in it.
  • Staircases running through the center of the house can cause conflict in the family.
These are the feng shui tips that will help you to construct your stairway the right way. It will ensure that you lead a healthy, prosperous life and have cordial relationships with your family members.

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