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Read tips on how to use the principles of feng shui in your garden to increase your good fortune.

Garden Feng Shui

The principles of feng shui can be applied to your garden as well. By applying feng shui principles to your garden you can attract positive energy, wealth and good fortune. A garden should be a direct reflection of your personality. Whether you exude dramatic fire energy or possess an exacting metal vibe, you can adjust your outdoor haven accordingly through the ancient art of feng shui. A beautiful outdoor landscape will keep you plugged into nature's life-giving force. Soon, it will be easy to generate prosperity and attract the good fortune you need to thrive, all year round. It just takes small changes that can help you enjoy the benefits of positive chi. This will help chi flow freely and willingly into your house. Follow these simple feng shui tips and remember to maintain a balance between different elements, while planning out the landscape to enjoy the benefits derived whole life long.

Balance Between The Front And Backyard
While taking up a gardening project, try and concentrate equally on the front and the backyard in order to strike a balance between the two. You need to take care of the backyard as well since according to feng shui it symbolises permanence and stability. Similarly, the front yard symbolises the energy of the home and therefore it should look vital and fresh. Avoid placing too many flowers in the front yard and crowding your backyard with trees and shrubs.

Use Window Boxes And Hanging Plants
If you are putting together a garden in an apartment you can make use of window boxes and hanging plants to have your own garden space. However, do not fill in your apartment space with too many plants. You can place plants outside your main door to extend the luck that comes with feng shui.

Hanging Baskets Near Walls Or Fences
Feng shui art believes in not placing any object above the eye level. Therefore, if you want to use hanging baskets to bring in good luck to your home, hang them close to the wall where no one can get under them and there will be no risk of them falling over someone.

Uplifting Backyard Plants
Make it a point to ensure that the plant lining in your backyard shows an upward growth. However, if you already have a few downward pointing plants in your backyard, balance them with strong upright lines. Similarly, if your backyard is sloping away from your house, consider building a stone or brick wall from where the slope starts, to prevent too much of chi from rolling out of your life.

Balance The Five Elements
The five elements of feng shui i.e. water, wood, fire, earth and metal need to be balanced into a landscape design. In order to bring in the water element in your garden consider building a small pond or pool. Wood and earth are in abundance in your landscape; however you can add some interesting rocks and boulders to restore a strong presence of earth in your lawn. In order to add metal to your garden, hang wind chimes or arrange for a barbecue. The barbeque can also represent the fire in your garden thereby completing the presence of all the five elements of feng shui.

Keep Your Garden Fresh And A Little Wild
Feng shui principles for gardens also suggest keeping the garden area clean by removing fading flowers and dry leaves occasionally. Make sure your plants don't have anything dead or dying on them. However, be careful not to over prune the trees and shrubs in your garden. You should leave healthy green leaves lying around in the garden. You will have to find an area in your garden to grow vines, rambling plants and anything wild to strike a balance, which is quite essential according to feng shui.

Include A Sense Of Fun And Entertainment
Your yard should always depict a sense of beauty and entertainment along with relaxation. Add an outdoor chess board, swimming pool or a badminton net, the idea is just to have an element that remind people of fun when in garden. A fun environment can bring in good luck since it attracts favourable attention.

Make Small Seasonal Changes
It is advisable to bring about small changes in your garden layout as the seasons change. Plant few perennials and change them seasonally to provide a new look to your garden. You can even consider changing the pillows on your lawn furniture or placing a potted plant on the outdoor table.

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