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Information on how to feng shui your study room.

Study Room

The study room is a very important space in your house that is used mostly by your kids. A study room is that room in the house which is meant to generate wisdom and knowledge. It is the room which can help develop knowledge and a personality base for your kids. It is for all these reasons that the study room should be filled with positive energy. If you wish to get the maximum out of your studying area, feng shui can give you quite a number of useful tips. This ancient art of balance and harmony can bring about drastic improvements in your child's studies, especially if feng shui principles are applied to bring about a structural change in the room. This is the room where all creative work and studying is done so there must be as much chi as possible in the room. Feng shui principles will bring about changes in your study, thereby assuring the generation and free flow of chi in the room. Mentioned below are a few guiding principles on how to put together an ideal feng shui study room.
  • As a general rule, your study room should be clutter free and should be arranged tidily. It is important to keep the study tidy, since any dirty room produces negative energy according to feng shui. The study room is a place where your child does all his creative work and therefore it should be full of positive chi.
  • Another thing you need to take into consideration while planning a study according to feng shui is to examine how the study station is placed. The placement of the study station will determine the placement of other items in the room. The desk in the study should be placed towards the right of the window. If there is no window, you can hang a mirror to the left of the desk.
  • According to feng shui your child should not sit with his back facing the door. The desk in the room should be placed in a place which does not see the door situated behind the person busy with his/her studies.
  • The chair accompanying the desk in the study should be comfortable and should have a high back. It is advisable to place a picture of water behind the chair. This ensures the flow of creative energy to the person.
  • Nothing sharp or piercing in form should be directed towards or placed in front of the chair. Sharp objects tend to create bad energy and therefore even a poster or painting with arrows, airplanes with weapons pointing towards the room should be avoided.
  • Your child should be made to sit with his/her head facing the best study direction. You can consider having a solid support behind in the form of a painting of a mountain scene. You can place a crystal sphere near the main window; this will activate chi and will slow down its movement.
  • Consider placing a bamboo or cactus plant in the study room. Both these plants can grow in harsh conditions and they symbolise good fortune. Make it a point not to have a tree growing too near to your child's bedroom.
  • Ask your child to not to sit right in front of the window. Sitting right in front of the window will make him/her lose concentration. The chair on which your child sits should also not be placed in a place with windows or a door behind him.
  • Avoid having a protruding air conditioner, exposed beams or edges, sharp edges of furniture, any pillar close to or on top of the study desk.
  • Place a wind chime or a plant near the window. Doing this will prevent bad energy or any threat in any other form from entering the study room of your child.
  • Consider getting all the things you like and feel good about on your study desk. These things will help you overcome depression, especially when you look at them when you are down.
  • List down the activities you wish to do and things that you wish to accomplish while you are in school. This list can also be a brief record of your future plans. Place this list on your desk right in front of your sight. This will inspire you and will always make you realize your duties as a student.

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