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Read your way through this article for information on feng shui for home.

Feng Shui for Home

Simple spatial organization comes quite naturally to most people. However, proper feng shui guides you through more complicated organizations such as how exactly to arrange your desk at work, where to install the mirror in your home and where to add the clock, which plants to be planted in your garden and in what order and other such intricate details. Each object affects you and your lifestyle. Feng shui is not a religion but just an environment-oriented science that has been integrated with the art of interior decoration to make your home a real home and optimize the energies surrounding you to give you maxim benefits. Every part of our houses are said to affect some aspect of our lives that can be categorized into nine zones or 'gua', which consist of eight directions of the house and the center or the middle portion of your home. Read on to know what affects your house according to feng shui.
  • In feng shui the lighting of your house is an important aspect. Every corner of the house should be lit keeping various factors in mind. Energy should vibrate through friendly sounds, living beings such as pets and plants or the weight of the items placed at particular corners of the house.
  • It is also important to use the right colors in the right areas.
  • Feng shui comes with various options such as running water, chimes and butterflies, electrical items and gadgets, symbolic objects such as bamboo flutes and church bells and other customized and personalized options that are connected to your unique situations and problems.
  • It is important that you do not place your shoes, slippers and other footwear right in front of your main door. You can either place a shoe rack a little to the side or ask your guests to keep their slippers away from the main door. Feng shui believes that footwear right outside the main door blocks the entry of positive energy or chi into the house.
  • Many of us have mirrors right in our bedrooms, but feng shui believes that placing mirrors in the bedroom might not be a good idea for a married couple as it is believed to bring a third person in the relationship.
  • In the kitchen you must be careful while placing appliances in the correct places. For example, if you have a stove on one side, avoid keeping anything that includes the usage of water close to it. Feng shui believes that the combination of fire and water causes tiff between family members.
  • If you are facing a lot of work pressure and cannot handle it, try changing a marble dining table to a wooden one. It is said to remove stress from life!
  • Never use red in your furniture or drawing room. It increases pressure and stress. In feng shui red symbolizes fire hence you shouldn't have it near assets like your jewelry box or the cupboard you keep your money in.
These are the few tips on how you can use feng shui to help change the energies around you and make your house an abode of happiness and prosperity.

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