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Study Expenses & Educational Aid

It's nice to dream while walking through the corridors of your favorite university or strolling in the campus, feeling the breeze. This is one luxury that most universities abroad offer - sprawling campuses being another. While the opportunity to study abroad is an attractive prospect, your parents may be more concerned about the expenses associated with it. Yes, expenses influence and determine your chances of pursuing higher studies in your dream university. It is true that studying abroad is expensive but, if you simply do a little research, you can find many scholarships and grants to support you. The total expenses depend upon the course, university and country of your choice. As tuition fees and other expenses vary from university to university. Generally, public universities charge lesser fees than private ones, so, you can take your pick depending upon how much you are willing to spend. Living expenses also depend upon the country of your choice and an affordable study destination is Mexico. The consistent increase in the number of international students landing in Mexico shows that the educational programs offered there are some of the best in the world. For more information on study expenses in Mexico, continue reading.

Scholarships Grants And Loans For Students In Mexico

Study Expenses

Study expenses represent the overall expenditure related to the course and this includes application fees, tuition fees, administration charges, student council fees, cost of books and the like. All these charges depend upon the university selected. In 2010, Universities in Mexico opted for a hike in tuition fees and so private universities now charge 3%-4% more now. However, various universities try to reduce the effect of the hike on the students by providing scholarships.

Financial Aid
  • The Mexican government, as well as the universities, offers financial aid for students to meet the expenses. These aids can be in the form of scholarships, loans or as grants.
  • Direct subsidized loans are given on need basis. The officials inspect your Student Aid Report (SAR) to check whether you are eligible for the loan or not and then the Government pays the interest as long as you are enrolled at the university. Direct unsubsidized loan is not need based and the interest rate is calculated from the time of disbursal until it is paid off. Both these loans come under federal loans category and have a fixed rate of interest. Apart from federal loans, private loans are also available. These loans are offered at variable rates of interest.
  • Scholarships and grants are different from loans as the former need not be paid back. The funds are allocated to the selected students and are granted on the basis of academic performance. The Mexican government offers scholarships for almost all types of graduate and undergraduate courses and even for research scholars but, it is not offered for preparatory courses, open/ distance learning and direct doctorates (M.A and PhD).
Living Expenses
overall living expenses include food, accommodation, transportation, health insurance and miscellaneous. Public transport is the most cost effective way to travel within the city and depending on the distance can cost anywhere from 17 to 30 pesos per trip. The average cost of a meal in a restaurant is 75 to 250 pesos. Accommodation charges depend upon the locality and the type of accommodation. Apartments and houses are popular options and cost about 3600 to 4300 pesos per month. However, many students prefer to share their rooms or apartment which cuts down the costs.

These are some information about the study expenses at Mexico. Hope this serves your purpose.