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Universidad de Quintana Roo/University of Quintana Roo is one of the mightiest public universities of Mexico. Learn more about this world-class institute from this article!

Universidad de Quintana Roo

Universidad de Quintana Roo or University of Quintana Roo (UQRoo) is a public University in Mexico. Its flagship campus is located at Quintana Roo, Mexico. It was the a long-term dream of Quintana Roo to host an organization that offered high quality higher education and helped train professionals in areas like social sciences, humanities, technological areas, basic sciences, etc. The University of Quintana Roo operates through several branches/campuses across the state. The campus is situated in a beautiful scenic backdrop that is rich in archeological and historical wealth. The University buildings demonstrate Caribbean and Mayan elements of architecture. The University incorporates technological advancement in sustentative areas. The University has two libraries which are open for students, teachers and researchers and the quality of the library is certified by international organizations. UQRoo provides academic freedom for students which helps them to diversify and improve their learning skills. The teaching staff of UQRoo meet international standards satisfactorily and hence the University has received international recognition for its stand-out performance in overall academics. Though various quality educational programs organized at its campus, the University proves well that it is committed to a noble cause: education!

Study Proframs in Quintana Roo

Why UQRoo
The University of Quintana Roo is highly committed to provide cutting edge educational programs and puts much effort in that direction. 100% of the academic programs offered at UQRoo are ISo 9001:2000 certified. The faculty members of the University are highly qualified and extremely dedicated to providing world-class training to students. UQRoo adopts a highly efficient and innovative educational model that focuses on self-centered training of the student. This method of teaching also creates balance between general education and specialization training. The teacher acts as a facilitator of training. It offers a flexible and updated curriculum to provide multi-disciplinary and multi-purpose educational training.

Commitment To Quality
UQRoo sticks strictly to the quality and rules of its educational programs. All the courses offered at the University are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Mexico. UQRoo is a member of Consortium of Mexican Universities (CUMex), which comprises the best universities in the country. The organization works to develop strategic focus and high academic competitiveness. As part of the quality maintenance strategies of the organization, UQRoo is subjected to external rules set by the Committee for Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES).

Method of Admission
Admission is done on the basis of the entrance test score and also based on academic grades. If your test scores and grades match the eligibility criteria, you will get an offer letter.

Documents Needed
  • Duly filled application form
  • Mark list/Grade of qualifying examination
  • Proof of birth
  • Immigration form
Study Expenses
  • Tuition fees
  • Given below are the fees for international students
  • Graduate – 0-1000 USD
  • Postgraduate – 0-1000 USD
other expenses include accommodation, meal charges, transportation and miscellaneous expenses which correspond to the general living expenses in Mexico.

Courses offered

Bachelor's DegreePrograms
  • Bachelor's Degree in Government and Public Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Language
  • Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology
  • Bachelor's Degree in Tourism
  • Bachelor's Degree in International Relations
  • Bachelor's Degree in Natural Recourses Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor's Degree in Natural Recourses
  • Bachelor's Degree in Humanities
  • Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety
  • Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy
Master's Degree Programs
  • Master's Degree in Mathematics
  • Master's Degree in Spanish
  • Master's Degree in Economics and Public Sector
  • Master's Degree in Applied Anthropology
  • Master's Degree in Social Sciences
  • Master's Degree in Education
Doctorate Programs
  • Doctoral Program In Geography
Boulevard Bahia s / n esq
Comonfort Ignacio, Col. Del
Bosque Chetumal, Quintana Roo,
Mexico CP 77019

Getting an education in a world-class university can prove to be a life changing experience. Universidad de Quintana Roo provides you with such a great experience.