Study Abroad
Get informed about facilities available in Universidad Iberoamericana including lodging, library, language learning centre, gym, cafeteria, and extracurricular activities.

Facilities in Universidad Iberoamericana

Universidad Iberoamericana or UIA Mexico helps students to get proper lodging facilities. You could be provided rooms in authorized boardinghouses or with local families experiencing in hosting international students. You could also opt for renting a shared or individual flat.

UIA library is a large one, containing more than 300,000 volumes, a rare and antique book collection, and subscribes to hundreds of journals, magazines, and newspaper publications. Students can sit in the library halls and go through its assets. Using their library card, they can also get issued books and journals for their homes.

Cafeteria in UIA serves as a place where the students could relax themselves. You could have snacks and coffee there. The cafeteria also serves meals. So you don't have to worry about your food. Cafeteria is a nice place when you have got tired of your studies and just want to have some off time.

University Iberoamericana provides proper sports facilities to its students. You are given a health card, using which get issued any sports accoutrements you need. The university holds regular competitions within its various departments as well as participates in inter-university sports events.

Extracurricullur Activities
Cultural workshops are regularly organized in the university to promote cultural values in the students. Self-inspired groups of students take part in various social activities. Students could give expression to their creativity in theatre groups. Paintings of the students are regularly displayed in the art centre.

other Facilities
UIA provides other facilities too book and stationary store, language learning centre and workout gym. The language learning centre is helpful for the students in gaining knowledge of Spanish. They could exercise and tone their body in the gym. For regular stationary, they need not venture out of university premises. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are also located in the university. Computer Centre has free internet connections. Career Centre helps the students in deciding about their career.