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This section contains information on higher education programs in Mexico.

Top Universities of Mexico

Mexico can be called as a land of contrasts. The beauty of the country lies in its breathtaking landscape. From sandy beaches to snow-capped peaks and lush green forest to undulating deserts, the country is blessed with everything that is exotic. Apart from tourism, education is also a major generator of revenue, especially in recent years as more and more students find that the education system in Mexico is as per international standards, but not that expensive. Mexico is home to many prestigious institutes and universities where students from all over the world are enrolled. Providing quality education has become the USP of Mexican universities.

Education in Mexico is controlled by the Secretariat of Public Education. There are both public and private universities. Private universities are run and funded by private managements whereas public universities are funded by national or subnational authorities. These universities offer numerous courses both at the graduate and post-graduate level as well as for research studies. The universities never compromise on the quality of education provided to the students. The quality in these universities is not an accident. It is the result of a conscious and deliberate effort. The courses offered are regularly and diligently assessed and accredited by the National Council of Science and Technology, which is the most important accreditation organization in Mexico. The organization looks into the details of the structure of the course, infrastructure, service personal, services and student profile. A course that is accredited by the National Council of Science and Technology is guaranteed to be on par with other international institutes. As such, Mexico can be one of the best options for students wishing to study abroad. Many universities also provide scholarships for eligible students to support their financial requirements. In this category, you will find articles that will provide you with end-to-end details of the top Mexican universities.