Study Abroad
Learn here about facilities provided by UDLA Mexico like lodging, sports, health services, weekend trips, and libraries.

Facilities in UDLA Mexico

Exchange students must check with their home university if the agreement between UDLA and them includes lodging facilities. In case the agreement has the lodging clause, Universidad de Las Americas would reserve your housing based on your preference mentioned in the application form. If you do not opt for housing, you could rent apartments or have home stays. In this case, you would have to make a housing deposit.

one of the leading sporting universities in Mexico, Universidad de Las Americas promotes various sports. University teams, known as the Aztecs, represent the university in various sports competitions. Sports played in university compounds are American football, soccer, indoor soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, volleyball, soft-ball, athletics, flag football and tae kwon do. Sports inculcate in students values like healthy thinking, intellectual pluralism, freedom of thought, democracy, solidarity, respect, honesty and modesty.

Health Services
Emergency medical services and pre-hospital treatment facilities can be provided in the UDLA's first-contact clinic. Various health promotion programs are also undertaken.

Company Visits
UDLA acknowledges that only classroom education is not sufficient for proper development of the students. Mixed cultural atmosphere provided to the students in the university enables to live comfortably in various cultures. They are also given the taste of professional business environment when they are taken on company visits. They get to serve in various entities in various states of Mexico.

Weekend Trips
Trips are organized to tourist and cultural places of the country. The students get to visit historical sites, natural destinations and cultural places. These visits also play a role in defining the personalities of the students.

The Information and Interactive Learning Resources Center provides the university community with advanced information resources. A huge library, it is a nice place to generate and share knowledge. The centre also has digital libraries which help students in the academic programs and research projects.

Security Department ensures the security of the University community. It is also helpful in creating harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the university.