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Universidad de Valencia, in three campuses, offers a gamut of study programmes in varied subjects. Get informed about these as well as the contact information of the university.

Universidad de Valencia

Situated in the city of Valencia in Spain, Universidad de Valencia is technically the oldest university standing in this country. Incidentally, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. Founded way back in the 15th century by the city's governing body; this institute is considered to be the leading educational university in Spain offering services par excellence. Universidad de Valencia is ranked second in terms of number of visiting Erasmus students. This university stands fourth among the total Spanish universities with regard to research. Thus, it is a common to sight to find international students who live and work together in a perfect cultural harmony. Lastly, Universidad de Valencia ranks as the fourth Spanish university according to standard international ranking system. Read the following sections to gain further insights into the history, programs, admission procedures and other information about this reputable institute.

  • It is believed that 30th April, 1499 is the founding day of this university since the 'constitutions' were published on this particular day. The official documents were drawn up on special request by the Council of València. The Universitat commemorated its 5th centenary recently (october 1999 to July 2000).
  • Courses offered included Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, philosophy, mathematics, physics, theology, canon law and medicine. The concluding part of the 17th and the early part of the 18th century observed the most flourishing era of the university.
  • However, in 1808, the building suffered major destruction during the bombing attack by Napoleon's troops led by Suchet. Apart from the chapel and the assembly hall, the entire university was demolished during this time. Restoration work began in the 19th century, but the building was damaged again due to the flames in 1932. Finally in october 1999, the global renovation of the building was completed and thus certifying the maintenance of academic, scientific and the artistic life in Universitat de Valencia.
The Universidad de Valencia has three campuses. They are: The Burjassot Campus, the Blasco Ibanez Campus and the Tarongers. The first campus houses the schools of Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the School of Engineering. The Blasco Ibanez Campus encloses the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Psychology, Geography and History, Languages, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing and the School of Elementary Teacher Training. The third campus namely Tarongers, houses the School of Law, Economics and Business and the School of Social Sciences as well. There are eighteen faculties in this University, a list of them are as follows:
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Geography and History
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Mathematics
  • Faculty of Medicine and odontology
  • Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Engineering Technical Schools
  • Faculty of Physiotherapy
  • Faculty of Nursing and Chiropody
  • Faculty of Teaching
Admission Details
The admission criterion varies from the kind of course which the applicant is interested in pursuing at the Universitat de Valencia. Also, it is varies according to your interests - undergraduate, postgraduate or a Ph. D. Aspirant. Go through the university website if you are looking for any Erasmus courses or international exchange programs too.

The Universitat de Valenciaa is a place where information, education and knowledge are pooled in to give you a passport to the future! It offers a wide range of programs, important infrastructures, amenities and human resources in an endeavour to make this culture accessible to everyone.

Contact Information
Head of International office
Phone: +34 96 386 48 02
+34 96 398 33 91
Fax: +34 96 398 34 62
Email: [email protected]

Universidad de Valencia Admission
For obtaining admission in university courses, one must have the required qualifications. He / She must also pass the admission test if the programme chosen demands it. Mentioned here is the admission or enrolment procedure for various courses in the university.

Universidad de Valencia Facilities
Universidad de Valencia offers good accommodation facilities to its students. It also assists them in finding accommodation in case they have been unable to get a place in the university residence halls. The Hall of Residence located in Blasco I campus is equipped