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Get fully informed about facilities available in Universidad Complutenese de Madrid including accommodation, sports, transport, library and cultural activities.

Universidad Complutenese de Madrid Facilities

Universidad Complutenese de Madrid offers proper accommodation facilities to its students. Students have to share their rooms, which are equipped with all needed facilities. Internet connection is available in every room. All residential halls have proper facilities of dining and recreation. Residential halls are properly separated from academic rooms. The students can also opt for private or shared apartments or live as paying guests with host Spanish families.

Sports facilities include 61 clubs, among them football, handball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, judo, and gymnastics. The university gives due recognition to the importance of sports in the development of one's personality. Competitions are held between various faculties of the university. University regularly takes part in intra-university competitions. Students performing well in these competitions are provided special training for the sports.

Buses and two subway lines connect the campuses with downtown Madrid. Location of the university is such that the students can have the benefits of living in a metropolis and yet reside away from the hustle and bustle. Easy connectivity means that they can easily between the capital and the university. Apart from the buses, they could also take taxis for university campuses.

Universidad Complutenese de Madrid has more than 30 libraries, with over 2 million works in print. It has rich archive of over 90,000 historical documents. Students of the university could avail all these treasures of the university.

Cultural Activities
Activities related to fields like music, film, theatre, visual arts and heritage are regularly organized in the university. Students having creative interest can take part in take part in these activities and hone their creativity. Music events are often held in the campuses. In these events, both Spanish and foreign music is played. In the field of visual arts too, one can pursue plenty of options.