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Here is information on facilities in Universidad Pompeu Fabra including accommodation, dining, grants, library, computer labs and various activities.

Facilities in Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Here is an account of the facilities for the students of Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) like accommodation, dining, scholarships, grants, library, computer labs and extracurricular activities.

Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) does not have accommodation facilities of its own. However it does help the students to find accommodation. Students enrolled in any of the courses of University can stay at student residences like RESA, Ciutadella Student Residence, and Campus del Mar Student Residence. They could also find accommodation in private residences like onix Residence, Agora Residence and Melon District Residence. Students studying at the UPF could get discounts in the rates of these residences. You could also get help from Barcelona Housing Service for Students.

Students living in apartments usually receive breakfast on weekdays and full meals on weekends. Students residing in Spanish homes can have meals with the host family. Restaurants and cafeteria are available in university campus.

Scholarships & Grants
University Pompeu Fabra provides scholarships to the students who fulfill the criteria. Grants can be availed from various Government ministries and agencies.

Library & Computer Labs
A major study material resource for the students of Universidad Pompeu Fabra is the library. Books on variety of disciplines are available in the library. The fully computerized library with 200,000 volumes is connected to all the catalogues of Catalonia's public university libraries. Students of all the disciplines can fall back on library when they need. Computer labs are also available at various university buildings.

Cultural and Sports Activities
Universitat Pompeu Fabra regularly organizes cultural and sports activities with the objective of enhancing the all-round capabilities of the students. Cultural events enable the students to express their creativity. The university regularly takes part in intra-university sports events and supports its students in playing sports.

Personal Facilities
Students of the UPF can avail facilities like psychologic counseling and summer camp. People with special educational needs can also get support.