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Here is brief account of Universidad Pontificia Comillas, including the study programmes offered by it. Also, learn about the law faculty which this university has earned worldwide.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid

Pontificia Comillas de Madrid is a University of the Church which has been established more than a century ago. This Catholic University is led by the Society of Jesus. It is ranked 5th in Spain's best school of Law by the prestigious El Mundo. ICADE is the law school in Pontifica Comillas de Madrid's faculty of Economics and Business. ICAI is the engineering school that is ranked fourth by the same El Mundo. Among the school which undertakes social work, Pontifica Comillas de Madrid is ranked third. As the university is an institution that comes under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, it provides service to the society by providing scholarships and grants in various forms, to the students. These financial aids help in covering the tuition fees and personal needs of the students at times as well. This aid is financed with own funds and contributions from the Fundacion Universitaria Comillas-ICAI, Ecclesiastical Assistance Fund and the Foundation for studies non-autonomous candidates for priesthood, other entities and individuals. So go through the following section and find out about the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degrees offered in this University.

  • Back in 1890, Pope Leo XIII founded the Pontifical Seminary of Saint Anthony of Padua in the town of Comillas, currently known as Cantabria. The university was built in response to the efforts made by the Marquis of Comillas to build an institution for educating candidates towards the priesthood.
  • At the time of its establishment, the institute was delegated to the Society of Jesus. In 1904, the Pontifical University was established when Pope Pius X gave the Seminary the power to bestow academic degrees in Theology, Philosophy and Canon Law.
  • In 1969, the university was finally shifted to Madrid. This is the period when the doors of the university were opened to a wider crowd of students. In 1978, the Jesuits integrated into the university their Madrid's higher education institution namely ICAI and ICADE. The ensuing unit of this amalgamate came into being the same year. These two institutes were formed in 1908 and 1956 respectively. Today, they are the ICAI School of Engineering, the ICADE School of Law and the ICADE School of Business and Economics.
Read below to find out the various studies that are available at the Pontifica Comillas de Madrid:
  • ICADE (Law School, Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • ICAI (School of Engineering)
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Canon Law
  • School of Nursing and Physiotherapy
  • online Training
Apart from the studies mentioned above there are various other degrees offered.
Graduate studies include:
  • Education
  • Business
  • Social and Humanistic
  • Legal
  • Health
  • Technical
  • Theological
Post Doctoral Courses offered in this university are as follows:
  • ICAI
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Migration Studies
  • Theology
  • Canon Law
There are International courses available in Spanish Language and culture as well as other courses which include spirituality, theology etc.

Admission Details
Log into the university's website and create an account for yourself. Admission procedure is based on choice of program, course and the degree which you are looking to acquire.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid is internationally known for its quality of education and is also a distinguished academic institution in the Spanish capital of Madrid. The university is particularly appreciated for teaching and student involvement on campus. Although, it is located in the heart of the political and economic centre, the standards of the campus and the infrastructure of this educational institute is impeccable.

Contact Information
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Pontificia Comillas 23. 28015 Madrid
Fax: 915 428 807
E-mail: [email protected]

Universidad Pontificia Comillas Enrolment Process
Various institutes of Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid or the ICADE have their own eligibility criteria for various courses. However, enrolment process is define for all the institutes. As for the pre-registration, some university institutes close their registration period

Universidad Pompicia Commilas Facilities
Universidad Pompicia Commilas de Madrid does not have its own accommodation facilities. However, it supports its students in getting outside accommodation. It provides information to students on their options for getting accommodation in Madrid. Most students prefer shared apartments.