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Know about enrolment process in Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid including entrance exams, fee structure, selectivity tests, exchange students etc.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas Enrolment Process

Various institutes of Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid or the ICADE have their own eligibility criteria for various courses. However, enrolment process is define for all the institutes. As for the pre-registration, some university institutes close their registration period in April while the others expand until late September. one can apply for admission online too. Application for grants must be filed with pre-registration.

Entrance Exams
Entrance exams have to be taken for getting admission for any title in Universidad Pompicia Commilas.

Integration with Foreign Education Systems
Students from educational systems of the European Union may have access to college without testing access (selectivity) should they meet the academic requirements required their educational systems to access their universities. Students coming from the institutions which have entered into international agreements with Universidad Pompicia Commilas also need not take selective test.

Campus Preuniversitario
This short term course, which takes place during September, helps you to enhance your knowledge before starting the certification and begin to develop basic skills for academic stint in the university.

Authorization to Study
The authorization to study in Spain is processed via the Spanish Consulates or Embassies in the country of origin. EU students do not need the passport or the student visa. However, they have to show financial means to cover the cost of studies and living expenses.

Selectivity Tests
For several courses, students must pass the test of selectivity in order to enroll in the official degrees of Comillas. This selectivity test is for Spanish language.

open Days
open days are organized for international students every year on March or April. outside students get the opportunity to meet university teachers, and see the facility and teaching methods.

Exchange Students
Coordinator of the college or university concerned must send the letter of recommendation to the Universidad Pompicia Commilas. The student would then be sent acknowledgement and further information. The student must then send the signed application and other documents as demanded. After the completion of admission formalities, the students would participate in the day of orientation when they would be provided basic information about the university.

Fee Structure
Various courses offered at Universidad Pompicia Commilas had different fee structures. Visit the following link for details.