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Get informed here about Universidad de Murcia including study programmes, campuses, science support service and contact information.

Universidad de Murcia

Universidad de Murcia or University of Murcia, is the largest educational institution in the region of Murcia in Spain. Providing education to more than 31,500 students, it is a prestigious educational establishment of Spain. Universidad de Murcia traces itself to Universitas Studiorum Murciana, founded by Alfonso X of Castile around 1272, as is indicated by its seal.

Study Programmes
A variety of courses are offered by the University of Murcia. These are organised into official degrees (diplomas, degrees, engineering and technical engineering), Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, independent degrees, academic specialisation and extracurricular teaching.

Courses on Fine Arts, Biology, Documentation Science, Industrial Sciences, Economics and Business, Management Science, Law, Education, Philosophy, Computer Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, Medicine, Psychology, Chemistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Tourism, Social Work etc. can be undertaken in the Universidad de Murcia. Language courses are also offered including Spanish as a foreign language.

Universidad de Murcia has two major campuses in La Merced and Espinardo. La Merced is the original campus in the center of the city while Espinardo, the larger one, is five kilometers to the north. Espinardo campus houses more students than La Merced. A third campus, dedicated to medical and health studies, is at El Palmar. Fourth campus, located at San Javier, and fifth one, in Lorca, also host many faculties.

Science Support Service
Laying stress on science and technology education, Universidad de Murcia has developed an efficient Experimental Science Support Service (SACE). Located in Espinardo, it includes services such as laboratory animals, scientific calculations, agricultural and forestry experiments, scientific equipment, cultivation of tissues, microscopy, radio protection and waste, image analysis, and psychology equipment. Research support laboratories are designed to support any kind of scientific research.

Contact Information
Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales
C/ Actor Isidoro Máiquez, 9, 3ª planta
Vista Alegre
30007 Murcia España
Telephone: + 34 968 36 4074
Fax: + 34 968 36 4130
E-mail: [email protected]