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Top Universities of Spain

From the Spanish paella to the traditional sangrias, from the fabulous fiestas to siestas; Spain has been recognized as one of the top ten world destinations for international students. While you watch the bullfight in Pamplona and throw a tomato in the Tomatina Tomato Festival near Valencia, you are likely to be reminded of the festival of colours, Holi, played in India. As you go hiking through the cool mountains or laze around on the famous beaches of the Mediterranean, you will realise that Spain is truly the place to be in! This country has enormous diversity, effervescence and most importantly, it is brimming with life. For those of you seeking to broaden your horizons with an international study under your belt, Spain is the solution. Not only is it relatively inexpensive but it also works by universities and a supportive government who has turned the country into a very popular study destination for students.
  • Although most postgraduate courses in Spain follow a different calendar, the programs usually have a two four-month period of coursework. The first period is from october to February and the second one is from February to June.
  • Exams are a common form of assessment in this part of the world. Some teachers use modular exams which are called 'ex'menes parciales'. In these, the students are tested on a specific part of the subject. The advantage is that once you have passed a modular exam, you never have to study that particular topic again. But unfortunately, if you fail then you have to retake the exam with the next batch of students in the following June or September test. Written tests are common here although some institutes like to test their students orally.
  • There are organised and extremely helpful International Relations office which are designed to help international students integrate. It is suggested to visit these offices if you encounter any difficulties.
The top universities in Spain are as follows:
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