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Universidad Santiago de Compostela has a set enrolment process for its prospective students. Get informed about it here.

Universidad Santiago de Compostela Admission

Know about enrolment procedure in Universidad Santiago de Compostela or USC Spain regarding Students Exchange Programmes, Course Completion Programmes, Doctorates and domuments required.

Students on Exchange Programmes
Students coming on a European exchange programme or a bilateral cooperation agreement with the University of Santiago de Compostela need not pay any tution fee. Exchange students, who desire to attend a particular course or programme, or carry out a project or write a thesis, are accepted by the USC. Every international student is sent in advance a 'Letter of Acceptance' by the university.

These international students should collect necessary documents from the international office of their home university. They would be requested these documents at the USC. They would also be required to fulfill the application forms. Applicants must contact their academic co-ordinator (at the home university) in order to decide the subjects they will have to enrol in the USC. The students must also possess the necessary health insurance documents or card.

Course Completion Programmes
Students who have begun their undergraduate or graduate studies in their home university but wish to complete the course at the USC, can apply for the same. However, they are required to get their studies validated by the Ministry of Education in Spain. They must also have the required level of proficiency in Spanish language. In addition to written application materials and letters of reference, an overseas Programs faculty committee could interview applicants. The must students must also necessarily have health insurance or the documents.

Documents Required for Enrolment
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of health insurance documents
  • Recommendation letter from your home university
  • Learning agreement (if not sent previously)
  • Letter of acceptance
  • 2 ID sized coloured photographs
  • Duly filled application forms
Applicants for Doctorates
Applicants for obtaining doctorates from the USC must have their qualifying degrees validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education. They should possess the required grade of qualifying degree as well as the knowledge of Spanish language.