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Here is information on admission procedure in Universidad Pompeu Fabra including the entrance test and health cover required.

Admission in Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Universidad Pompeu Fabra has laid a set of rules for admission. Here is brief account of the admission procedure in University Pompeu Fabra.

Admission Procedure
Students seeking admission in Universidad Pompeu Fabra should possess the qualifying degree for the course they have applied for, from a recognized institution. A degree-holder from a foreign country could also apply for the course. However, they have to validate their qualification to be equivalent to a master course entry-level qualification. Reference of the students and their academic records would also be considered. Student could also be asked to appear for an interview.

English Level Certification
For gaining entrance at Master's level, you have to certify your level of English. For getting the certificate, you can go to any language school and ask for a certificate which states that your level of English is the one needed. Master's courses usually start in September.

Entrance Tests
Entrance Tests are also held for several courses. There are courses which have no entrance test. In such case, admission depends on other criteria like past academic qualification, their institute of origin etc.

Visiting Students
Rules and regulations for the visiting students are the same as for the regular students. However, their number is limited depending on the availability of seats. University committee decides on the number of visiting students allowed every year. Visiting students have to pay enrolment fee. However, they are not considered for financial aid. Visiting students appear in regular exams. When they take the exams successfully, they are given credits for the courses.

EDP Students
EDP students are required provide a letter from their local coordinator stating that they have been admitted to the course. EDP students have to pay the enrolment fee. Applications have to be made on prescribed application form.

Health Cover
Any student seeking enrolment at Universitat Pompeu Fabra must have proper health cover. Citizens from the member countries of the European Union must have the European Health Insurance Card or they must fill in form E-128. Citizens of countries outside the European Economic Area must find out whether there exists a mutual health provision agreement between the Social Security system of their country and Spain. In case you do not fall in any of these categories, you have take out private medical insurance to cover the duration of your stay at UPF.