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Get informed about admission procedure in Universidad de Malaga including entrance test, pre-registration and student card.

Universidad de Malaga Admission Procedure

Universidad de Malaga has constituted a set of rules and regulation for enrolment of students. This admission procedure has to be followed to get enrolled in the university.

Access to Foreign Students
Students from educational systems of EU member states would be able to access the University without proof of access. Students from the institutions having bilateral agreements with Universidad de Malaga also need not produce any proof of access. Students which are out of the criteria need to submit the proof. However, all students must fulfill the academic requirements. They must also know the Spanish language up to level. All entry requirements would be properly verified.

Validation of Qualifications
All applicants holding qualifications issued by foreign institutions outside EU have to get these verified by the Ministries of Education and Science in Spain. You have to send the copies of your degrees at the following address:

Ministries of Education and Science
General Division Titles Convalidaciones and Approvals
Paseo del Prado, 28
28071 - Madrid

Entrance Tests
Students seeking enrolment in the first year have to appear in an entrance test aimed at assessing the general education and maturity of students. It is designed to assess basic academic skills, like the understanding of concepts, the level of language and the ability to translate, link, analyze and synthesize. Each of the materials will be classified as zero to ten points.

Students appearing for second year entrance tests must choose between Science and Humanities. The student would get a set of questions on various topics covered by programs from each of the areas chosen by him. The issues intended might include theoretical and practical test. It depends on the nature of the course opted. Each of the subjects of this exercise have zero to 10 points.

A duly filled standard application form has to be submitted for pre-registration. one should be careful not to submit more than one form. Students are also required to submit necessary documents which could include copy of passport, student visa, health insurance, educational certificates and financial means. In case of any specific documentation required, you would be informed by the university. one could also pre-register online following the prescribed process.

Student Card
on admission to Universidad de Malaga, you would be issued a Student Card which would entitle you to use the university facilities.

For detailed information on fee structure of Universidad de Malaga, you could visit the link.