Study Abroad
Here is information about various facilities provided by Universidad Pompicia Commilas de Madrid or ICADE, including accommodation, scholarships, grants, libraries, cultural activities, sports and social work.

Universidad Pompicia Commilas Facilities

Universidad Pompicia Commilas de Madrid does not have its own accommodation facilities. However, it supports its students in getting outside accommodation. It provides information to students on their options for getting accommodation in Madrid. Most students prefer shared apartments.

Scholarships and Grants
The university has established scholarships for meritorious students. The students could also receive government grants. They could receive financial aid to study and research in the institute. The aid and scholarships are granted just for one academic year and have requested again if desired renewal.

The university has a large computerised library serving as a major study resource for the students. The students can study and make notes in the large hall of the library. The library is headquartered at Alberto Aguilera 23 and has several branches across various faculties of the university.

Cultural Activities
The Unit has been constituted for promoting cultural activities in the university. Seminars and workshops are organized for enriching the cultural and artistic life of members of the university community. Students can participate in various cultural activities and enhance their experience.

Various sports events are regularly organized by the university. All kinds of sports facilities are provided for the students. Tournaments are held within the campus as well as outside. Adventure games like rafting are also held and are quite popular among the students. Games like basketball and football are played by most students regularly.

Social Work
The university inculcates a sense of social responsibility in its students. Social unit of the university ensures that the students get training in social awareness and human ethics too. Unit members usually deal for community members with disabilities trying to alleviate the consequences of the same. They offer the disables the most convenient form of personalized. Taking part in these activities, the students get good training of socio-care needs.