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Get informed about Universidad de Valencia facilities such as accommodation, transport, career guidance, cultural activities, dining, sports and leisure activities.

Universidad de Valencia Facilities

Universidad de Valencia offers good accommodation facilities to its students. It also assists them in finding accommodation in case they have been unable to get a place in the university residence halls. The Hall of Residence located in Blasco I campus is equipped with various necessary facilities. Rector Peset Hall of Residence, located in the historic centre of Valencia, is another place for accommodation in university. Several other halls of residence are associated with Universidad de Valencia.

one can also get rental accommodation facilities in Valencia. You could get a database at the university office, where you would find numerous apartments, shared accommodation, and bed-sits.

Bus services are available for various campuses of the university. Alternatively, one can also rent a car for reaching the university.

Career Guidance and Employment
The University-Business Foundation ADEIT runs a career guidance and employment programme. It provides career guidance oriented to employment and self-employment support. Interview workshops and personal skills development programmes are regularly organized.

Cultural Activities
Extracurricular activities are regularly organized in the university campus to promote all-round development of the students. Cultural programmes and competitions are held with the view of encouraging interest in cultural activities in the students. Activities related to theatre, poetry, cinema, music and debates are on in the university.

Internal and external individual and team sports are regularly held. Leisure component is always there in the leisure component organized. The institution takes part in various intra-university competitions. Students meeting the requirements get to play high level sports. Sports like football, indoor football, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, judo, karate, taekwondo, kendo, tennis, table tennis, badminton, fencing, squash, chess, female baseball, hockey, athletics and triathlon can be played.

All residential and academic areas of Universidad de Valencia have proper canteen facilities. Cafeterias are available where one can just sit and relax. Residential canteens serve the students with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

other Facilities
University premises also have the facilities like bars, library, gyms, video, music and computer room. Internet connection is available in each room.

Leisure Activities
In Universidad de Valencia, students can engage in several leisure activities like aerobics, contemporary dance, jazz dance, oriental dancing, Spanish dancing, Sevillanas dancing, yoga, taichi, massaging, martial arts, tennis, table tennis, canoeing, ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, etc.