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If your dream is to explore Spain and improve your Spanish, then these internship programs can be dream come true. Read on to find out more about internship programmes in Spain.

Internship Programs in Spain

Internship programs in Spain provide an excellent opportunity for foreign students to gain work experience abroad. Internship programs also help in improving a person's Spanish. Internships are available in a variety of fields, including, business/finance, engineering, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the non-profit sector, Spanish studies and economics. Mostly all these internships are unpaid. However, participants are invited to apply for funding procedures through the CDS International Scholarship Fund. The internship programs run from the end of May to mid-August. The programs offer students with some of the best opportunities to experience a different culture in a unique way. You can develop your social skills, increase your social awareness and self confidence as well. You can choose from a wide range of volunteer programs and build a sense of independence and professionalism too. During your internship program in Spain, you can also apply for grants and financial aids that will help fund your academic career.

International Internships In Spain

Internship In Madrid Language And Liberal Arts: This internship course offers a year of intensive study of language and culture in the city of Madrid, Spain. This program also includes field trips to places like Granada, Cordoba, Toledo, Seville, and Segovia.

English, French And German Teaching Internship Program In Barcelona: The main aim of this internship program is to let pupils aged between fourteen and sixteen years to gain knowledge on their culture and generate interest in their mother tongue. Though prior experience is not required for this internship program, you need to adapt easily to new situations, have excellent communication skills and should be an extrovert. Another requirement of this internship program will circulate around the fact that your mother tongue should be English, German or French.

Internship Program In Syracuse University, Madrid: The internship program at Syracuse University is an option for students who have taken up a full-term course in Spain, as the internship is a part of the regular course of study. The admission of a student to an internship program is subject to an on-site interview, and placements cannot be guaranteed. However, the more fluent the student is in Spanish, the greater are his chances to gain admission into a wide range of internship opportunities available.

Spanish Internship: The 'Spanish Internship' programme is mainly aimed at those students who possess the require skills. The minimum time required for this program is three months. It is also possible to extend the time limit of the course to five months. Before placements are done with, there is a mandatory four-week Spanish language program that a student needs to attend.

Barcelona Internship: KEI University, Barcelona offers internship programs which help a student to gain hands-on practical experience abroad, gain international awareness and expertise which ultimately can help the student develop an impressive resume. Before applying for internship programmes, students must make sure that subjects offered interest them and satisfies their needs to the fullest.

Internship In Health Services: These programs provide students with a one-time, short term placement opportunity that is related to the field of medicine or health sciences. This can be done during or even after academic and occupational instructions. These placements are usually done for intense observations on how a specific job is performed and are normally unpaid. However, students may be offered certain perks. For health and medical career students, the posts that are on offer are associated with NGos, dental health and veterinary sciences.

Internship In Hotel Management And Tourism: Students opting for an internship in hotel management and tourism have a wonderful opportunity to be placed in hotels, PR firms, financial organizations, management firms, etc. This program combines a two-week to one-month Spanish course that will help a student adapt to his surroundings. opportunities to travel and make friends are aplenty.

Internship In Spanish Cuisine With Cuisine Arts: Students applying for an internship programme in Spanish Cuisine and Cuisine Arts receive and intense dose of Spanish gastronomy in a structured, hands-on environment that is challenging and rewarding. If you are planning on pursuing a career in this industry, you can improve your Spanish skills and gain the proficiency you may need to work at fine restaurants, top hotels, posh resorts, luxury cruise ships, pastry shops, etc.

Internship In Graphic Design: Students enrolling for this program get a chance to work with web designers, graphic artists, visual communications experts who design documents that include e-newsletters, e-brochures, online advertisements, marketing materials, web pages, etc. Some other tasks where a student might be involved may include the tasks of assisting in designing logos, concepts, layouts, storyboards, sketches, sample sheets, online catalogues, participating in the development and implementation of projects, etc. These internship programs are specially designed for college students and recent graduates who are eager for a real-world experience that will help complement their studies in the field of communications, marketing or graphic design.

Internship In Paid Marketing: This internship programme is all about internet marketing and SEo firms. It begins with an intensive two-week Spanish language course in Madrid which prepares the student for three to six months filled with art, culture, history and a wide range of other professional opportunities. This can help add tremendous value to the international experience a student gets. Interns also get to attend a Spanish language course in Salamanca.

Hope these internship programs have motivated enough to study/work in Spain!