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Get informed about facilities offered in Universidad Publica de Navarra including accommodation, healthcare, dining and sports. Also learn about extracurricular activities organized here.

Universidad Publica de Navarra Facilities

Universidad Publica de Navarra offers quality accommodation, healthcare, dining and sports facilities to its students. Along with these, extracurricular activities are also organized to promote all-round development of the students. Voluntary organizations of students participate in social activities.

University Navarra Accommodation
Universidad Publica de Navarra provides proper accommodation facilities for outside students. With accommodation, one gets other necessary services too like laundry and cleaning service. Accommodation office in Pamplona campus provides all information on accommodation for the University: residence halls, private renting or flats to share.

Alternative accommodation facility is also available for the students. Students wanting cheap accommodation could opt to live with senior citizens or take care of people with special needs.

Healthcare facilities, including emergency and primary outpatient care, are available for entire university community. The university is also engaged in prevention campaigns addressed to risk groups.

Affordable cafeteria and canteen services are available in University campus. There are four cafeterias in Pamplona campus. one of the canteens is self-service, while another has table service.

Universidad Publica de Navarra offers plenty of sport facilities including an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, indoor athletics track, multi-purpose rooms, indoor tennis courts, open-air tennis courts, artificial lawn football pitch, natural lawn football pitch, golf area, rugby pitch and gym facilities. Different sports are organized by university coaches, and students are encouraged to take part in these. The university takes part in inter-university tournaments. Intra-university tournaments are also regularly organized.

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities aid in the overall development of the students and Universidad de Navarra recognizes it. A wide array of activities is organized, ranging from musical concerts to special volunteer programs. The university also organizes excursions throughout the year.

Social Activities
Voluntary associations of students take part in social activities. They work in areas like helping disabled, elderly and sick people; raising public awareness on vital issues, and helping the students of Primary and Secondary School. Some students also work with the prison population.