Study Abroad
Here is information about enrolment procedure in Universidad de Murcia including regulations for exchange students, enrolment in first year courses, continuance of studies, doctoral studies and fee structure.

Universidad de Murcia Enrolment

Proper enrolment procedure has to be followed to get admission in Universidad de Murcia.

Exchange Students
Students can come to Universidad de Murcia as an exchange student without receiving any academic degree from the university. They could use an international programme for fixed period and come only to study part of the course. one could also come via participating in a specific agreement between one's centre of study and the university. You could also join the university as an independent student if you have carried out secondary school level studies in a foreign country following which you would like to begin studying at the University of Murcia.

The second case can be you have started studies at a foreign university and would like to continue at the University of Murcia. People who have completed their degree from a foreign university can come to Universidad de Murcia for getting their doctorates.

Enrollment in First Year Courses
You have to get your qualification officially validated by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport. Thereafter you have to take the University entrance tests known as Selectivad and organized by National open University (UNED). After passing the test, you have to pay the fee and get yourself registered.

Continuance of Studies
The student has to get his studies abroad validated. If you come from an area whose official language is not Spanish, it is likely you will have to pass a language level test. You have to apply to the secretary of the relevant department of the university.

Doctoral Studies
Foreign students can get enrolled to carry out doctoral studies in Spain in two ways. In first process, they have to apply for validation for their foreign degree to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The ministry would submit the report to the University Council who will then inform of their decision within the established timeframe.

Another process to get enrolment in doctoral studies is by study equivalence. In this case, the application is made directly to the Rector's office at the university. on submitting the application, the applicant would be able to enroll for any Doctoral course scientifically related to their university profile.

Fee structure for diplomas and degrees as well as doctoral studies varies to great extent. Doctoral studies are the most expensive. Cost for Arts courses is less than Science courses. Cost for undergraduate course for full time first year falls between 500 and 800euros. For details you can visit the link