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Universidad Publica de Navarra is among the most prestigious education institutes of Europe. Get informed about the study programmes offered by the university and the campus in the following article.

Universidad Publica de Navarra

The University of Navarra is a private pontifical university (Catholic University) located at the southeast border of Pamplona, Spain. It was founded in 1952 by St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, the founder of opus Dei. Although it is a young academic institution which was formed just two decades ago, this university has already provided the job market with more than 20,000 qualified professionals. University of Navarra has four campuses situated in Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona. The University of Navarra has a library system that contains over 1.1 million books! The following section will provide you with all the necessary details such as information regarding the history, admission procedures and programs.

  • The University of Navarra was established in 1952 by St. Jose María Escrivá de Balaguer and is thus a corporate piece of work of the opus Dei. The institution, during its inception, was known as 'Estudio General de Navarra'.
  • With the inauguration of the School of Law, this institute came into existence with just 48 students and 8 professors. It was under the direction of Josemaría Escrivá. However, it was only in 1987 that the Parliament of Navarre approved the creation of the Public University of Navarre, which was set upon the initiative of the regional parliament.
  • The new university increased the number of qualifications available and concentrated on university level studies provided at various public centres. An interesting part of the university's history is that it had suffered six terrorist attacks, the last one being on the 30th of october 2008.
The University confers 27 official degrees and administers more than 300 postgraduate programs. This includes 33 doctoral programs and 13 masters programs throughout 10 schools, 2 superior colleges and 2 university schools. The university also runs a teaching hospital called CIMA as well as various community outreach and volunteer initiatives.

  • Human Juridicial and Social Sciences
  • Biomedical, Experimental and Technical Sciences
  • Bilingual Degrees
  • Institute of Liberal Arts
  • School of Law
  • School of Communication
  • ISSA- School of Management Assistants
  • School of Architecture
  • Tecnun- School of Engineering
Masters Programs
  • Experimental Sciences and Health
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Technical Sciences
Doctoral Programs
  • Medicine Sciences And Pharmacy
  • Law
  • Communication
  • Economics And Management
  • Institute of Business And Management
  • Theology
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
Admission Details
  • The documents involved in the admission procedure are originals of the official academic transcripts for the past 2 years of study, two letters of recommendation, a copy of the passport and two I.D sized photographs. After paying the processing fees of 60€, the admission service will send you a credential letter.
  • Every school at the University of Navarra organizes its own entrance exam. The main objective is to evaluate the intellectual capacities and aptitudes of all applicants. Non-European Union (non EU) students may take these examinations through the internet.
  • After the confirmations are made, the student also has to take various language proficiency skill exams, such as IELTS, ToEFL, etc. By this time the visa must be made available and a request for the validation of high school studies from the Spanish Embassy or the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science must be processed.
  • After clearing the 'Selectividad' and applying for a transfer certificate and a valid medical certificate, you are now eligible to enrol into the University of Navarra.
This article was written with an objective of giving you an elaborate idea about the various courses, programs and admission procedures in the University of Navarra. The campus, with its lush green ambience, provides several opportunities for study and social interactions to international students.

Universidad de Navarra Admission Process
Universidad de Navarra has laid out an admission process which has to be followed to get admitted. The university has arranged for an advisory panel which assists the students in choosing the right subjects. It also offers financial assistance to the students coming from weak economic background.

Universidad Publica de Navarra Facilities
Universidad Publica de Navarra offers quality accommodation, healthcare, dining and sports facilities to its students. Along with these, extracurricular activities are also organized to promote all-round development of the students. Voluntary organizations of students participate in social activities.