Study Abroad
Learn about admission procedure in Universidad de Valencia. Know the process to be followed by the students starting a degree, in-degree admissions and admissions for doctorates.

Universidad de Valencia Admission

For obtaining admission in university courses, one must have the required qualifications. He / She must also pass the admission test if the programme chosen demands it. Mentioned here is the admission or enrolment procedure for various courses in the university.

Starting a Degree
Foreign students have to get their qualification accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. If they get high education accreditation, applicants shall sign up for the university access test with the UNED (Spanish open University). When the applicant is through the access test, pre-enrolment at Universidad de València is the next step. If one has opted for a degree which does not require an access test, candidates will be able to apply just after their applications have been accredited.

In-Degree Admissions
In case a foreign student has started his degree in a home university and wants to carry on studying at Universidad de València, the dean or director of the related should be contacted and extraordinary admission via partial accreditation has to be requested. The procedure would need the following papers: application form, academic records, syllabus of courses completed, identity card, and any additional documents if deemed necessary.

Admission for Doctorates
If the qualifying degree was completed in the country of origin and then accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the student has to pre-enroll in the corresponding department during the first fortnight in July. A curriculum and merit certificates have to be attached. The department will inform the student of the decision. Successful candidates would be offered with enrolment forms.

In case the qualifying studies in the country of origin are not validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, access to third cycle studies could still be gained without accreditation. For that, an admission application must be filed for the attention of the Chancellor, enclosing a degree certificate with the list of courses and the grades earned. Acceptation of the application would enable the student to apply for admission at the corresponding department.