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Universidad de Barcelona has carved a name for itself when it comes to higher studies. Get informed here about UAB Barcelona study programmes.

Universidad de Barcelona

Universitat de Barcelon or The University of Barcelona is a public university located in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia in Spain. It is responsible for catering to the needs of a large number of students, not just in Spain, but across the world. Delivering the broadest and most comprehensive offering in higher educational courses is definitely not an easy task. The University of Barcelona is also the principal centre of university research at state level and thus it has become a European benchmark for research activity. This is primarily because of the number of research programs this institute conducts and also the excellence that these programs have achieved. This establishment is dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence. So if you are looking to join a university which is urban, outward-looking and cosmopolitan then read the following to gain further insights.

  • Just as they say: Rome was not built in a day, similarly, the University of Barcelona, with six grand campuses located around the city took more than 560 years to get recognized as the first Campus of International Excellence. Back in 1450, King Alphonse The Magnanimous granted a charter for the establishment of the 'Estudi' General of Barcelona which aimed at unifying all the schools of higher learning.
  • During the Middle Ages, institutions called 'estudis' or 'studiums' mushroomed across the cities which in time went on to become universities. The university encountered many difficulties during this period.
  • A key milestone in the history of the University of Barcelona was in the 20th century with the passage of the Statute of Autonomy in the September of 1933. Finally, with the election of Dr. Badia i Margarit in the position of a rector for the University in 1977, the beginning of a period of normalization, modernization and democratization was formed. As it is noticeable, the progress of this University has been considerably remarkable.
The University of Barcelona comprises of 19 faculties, 1 university school, 8 university institutes and a series of associated centres.

Science, Health and Medicine
With eleven faculties under the science, health and medicine group, students interested to further their career in this field will have a wide option to choose their program from. A few names of some of the faculties are as mentioned below:
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Geography and Geology
  • Faculty of Geology
Arts and Humanities
Interested candidates who are willing to pursue a career in Arts and Humanities can browse through the following faculties and decide what suits them the best.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Psychology
Social Sciences and Law
Social sciences and law is a popular course among youngsters. The University of Barcelona has the following faculties under this area of interest:
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
Admission Details
There are various English proficiency exams like the IELTS, ToEFL, etc., which you will be required to undertake and consequently get a score. Depending upon your chosen department and faculty, the admission procedures and documents will vary. Although, the standard letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose is a common pre-requisite that has to be submitted during the application process.

Universitat de Barcelon is over 500 years old and thus it has the necessary infrastructure, funding and, most importantly, the reputation to offer prospective students a wide range of courses. Starting from a bachelors or undergraduate degree to a master's or even doctoral courses, these offerings are tailored according to the needs of students. The modules are structured in such a way that they fit the society's need as well. This is main reason why the university is placed at the head of academic fields in different degree areas with technology on the one hand to art on the other.

Contact Information:
University of Barcelona,
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona


Admission in UAB Barcelona
Universiad de Barcelona welcomes foreign students to pursue their studies in its campuses. However, UAB Barcelona has laid out an admission process that should be followed. Have information about the fee structure too.

Facilities in Universidad Barcelona
Universidad de Barcelona recognizes the need for proper facilities for the students. For making learning environment better for the students, University Barcelona Spain offers several basic and complementary facilities to its students.