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Get informed about facilities in Autonoma Universidad Madrid like accommodation, sports, library, computer labs and health.

Autonoma Universidad Madrid Facilities

Autonoma Universidad Madrid has arranged for proper accommodation for the students. Good sports, library, computer labs and health care facilities are provided and extra curricular activities are regularly organized.

UAM Madrid Accommodation
Autonoma Universidad Madrid does provide accommodation to outside students. However it is insufficient and the students have to search for outside campus accommodation. The UAM has a student residence, Residencia Universitaria Erasmus, located on campus and popular with international students. Students can live in single or double rooms. All rooms are furnished and have a bathroom and fully-equipped kitchen. Single rooms cost approximately 382 Euros per month, doubles approximately 278 Euros per month.

UAM Madrid Sports
Cantoblanco campus of Autonoma Universidad Madrid has got plenty of sports facilities. It has an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, pavilions, tennis, football, basketball, paddle tennis, rugby and beach volleyball courts. Recognising the importance of sports in education, the university has arranged all sports facilities and encourages the students to take part in sports competitions.

UAM Madrid Library & Computer Labs
AUM Madrid has a large library in the Cantoblanco campus. The library is a major resource for the students. Books on all disciplines are available in the library. Students can read the books while sitting in the library or get them issued on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The library also gets resourced by the students when they submit their research work. All campuses of the university are equipped with computer labs which support the students in their studies.

UAM Madrid Health
Basic health facilities including first-aid kit and common used medicines are available in university campus. The university holds regular health programmes for the students. Doctors can be called to the university campus in case of an emergency.

UAM Madrid Extra Curricular Activities Extra curricular activities are regularly held in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. The university organizes programmes like plays, movies, exhibits, concerts and debates. Activities like dance, music and ceramics are also organized. These programmes help students understand the culture of Spain. Several students participate in volunteer activities.