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Get informed here about admission procedure in University of Madrid. Also know about language of instruction in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

Admission Procedure in University Madrid

Studying in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid is the dream of many a students. Here is information on admission procedure in UAM Madrid and language of instruction in the university.

UAM Madrid Admission Procedure
The students must have the immediate qualifying degree for the course they have applied for. The degree could be from foreign countries. However, it should be according to the criteria established by the Direction and Follow-up Committee of programme. Admission criteria for any student would be the valuation of the applicant´s resume, including the academic record and possible reference information of his institutions of origin. Final decision would be taken by the Committee of Direction and follow-up of the Programme. The students could also be asked to study some additional subjects before they could be admitted for the programme. If deemed necessary, an interview with the student could also be asked.

Erasmus / International Agreement
Any student seeking to study at UAM Madrid as Erasmus student must make sure that his / her home institution has Erasmus or International agreement with UAM Madrid. Being an Erasmus student comprises two things. First, you should be awarded the grant by your home institution. Second, you should be accepted by the host institution (UAM). In case of an international agreement between UAM Madrid and home university, admission procedures would be carried out by home university.

Visiting Student
You could choose to study at UAM as a visiting student. In this case you have to apply directly to UAM to be accepted (without nomination of your home institution). You also have to pay the fees for the subjects that you choose.

AUM Madrid Language of Instruction
Foreign students must mind that language of instruction in UAM Madrid in Spanish, save a few subjects. Students must have at least a high-intermediate level of Spanish to study in the university.